David Hosking

Singer-Songwriter, Musician & Storyteller

PRESS Quotes & Reviews



“Hosking digs so deep for his truth that his voice trembles with it: hushed but always in command of a rich and skilled band of session players who are sometimes better known than he is.”
Michael Dwyer - The Age (Album- Down Every Street)
"Troubadour David Hosking...he does things his way. No lofty ambition, just honest toil for his craft ...has a nose for witty poetry that he beautifully transforms into song... Hosking’s warm vocal doesn’t want for perfection, yet thrives and shakes with passion in each song’s journey as if it’s an old friend”.
Scott Podmore - Sunday Herald Sun,  (Album - Down Every Street)  
“I have always believed Hosking’s earlier album Jack’s Boy to be an Australian classic. Well, he’s done it again. Stunning. Joyful. Inspiring. Down Every Street should be compulsory listening. I am in danger of wearing my copy out.”
John Carver PBS FM  (Album- Down Every Street)
“The title track is a melancholy classic, larger than life and, quite simply, one of the best songs of the year.”
Tony McMahon InPress (Album- Down Every Street) 
Like a lot of Hosking's body of work, there's a slow burn quality to All That Beauty that will gradually see it become one of your most valued volumes. Live, Hosking continues to ply his trade in the sometimes harsh Melbourne music scene, where true music fans might worry slightly about a soul as obviously sensitive as his. On record, though, is where he truly shines, as evidenced absolutely by these 12 songs.
Tony McMahon – The Music (Album – All That Beauty)
As with all truly original artists, it is hard to categorise David’s music. Some of the slower piano- based tunes, remind me of early Tom Waits’ Blue Valentine era and there is still some catchy melodic pop coming through in songs like ‘The First Drum’ but essentially All That Beauty is David Hosking in all his beauty.
Ian Beer – Unpaved (Album – All That Beauty)
“I love this album. He has the lot…. the melody, the voice, the observation and lyric…. and all the carefree passion of a journeyman troubadour. Without doubt, the best unsigned songwriter I have heard.”
Mark Patterson - BBC Radio Northern Ireland (Album- Sleeper)
“Please don't be put off by the cover - Hosking looks like one of those rambling drunken old tramps who sell raffle tickets outside Flinders Street Station for a raffle that never takes place. As a folk/rock singer/songwriter though, he's up there with the best in contemporary alternative Australian music, and deserves to be much better known.”
Richard Gaudion – Beat Magazine (Album – Sleeper)