David Hosking

Singer-Songwriter, Musician & Storyteller


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David Hosking’s eighth album Butterfly Net is the third in a trilogy of albums recorded in Australia and Northern Ireland.

Again this Australian singer songwriter takes a different road. Here a string quartet, beautifully scored, swells around the songs, adding only what each song asks for.

Album opener “The Table” however, will most likely scare your neighbour’s cat off your front lawn if you turn it up loud enough.

After playing at Byron Bay Bluesfest with fellow Northern Irishman songwriter Foy Vance, Drummer/Producer Paul “Hammy” Hamilton flew to Melbourne where the foundations of Butterfly Net began.

Completed way up in the snow-covered hills outside Belfast, this album may make up the third collaboration, but will certainly not be the last.

Art and photography Michael Lelliot.

Released February 23, 2017


All that Beauty

Produced by Paul "Hammy" Hamilton. Recorded at Hillhouse Studios, Craigantlet, Northern Ireland. Engineered by Paul "Hammy" Hamilton. Mixed and mastered by Michael Keeney at Western Seaboard, Ireland. Art by Michael Lelliot. Photography by Michael Lelliot, Dana Lauren Goldstein and Tilly Tillier.

Released December 5, 2012

Down every Street

The Melbourne songs were engineered by Craig Pilkington at Audrey Studios whilst the Belfast songs were engineered by Ben McAuley and assisted by Barrett Lahey at Oh Yeah Studios with additional overdubs engineered by Matt McGinn. All songs mixed by Craig Pilkington at Audrey Studios. Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering. Art by Michael Lelliot.

Half recorded in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Then completed in Melbourne, Australia.

Released November 9, 2009 


Partly recorded by Adam Rhodes at Periscope Studios, Melbourne then completed by Shane O'Mara at Yikesville, Melbourne. Released mid 2003. Mastered by Ross Cockle at Sing Sing, Melbourne. Photography by Natascha Stellmach and Art Direction by Michael Lelliot.

Vocals, Electric and acoustic guitars, piano and keyboards: David Hosking; Harmonies: Shelley Scown, Rebecca Barnard and David Hosking; Baritone guitar, Electric guitar and ebo: Shane O'mara; French Horn: Steve Kinrade; Cello: Anita Quayle.

Released June 20, 2003

The biggest Record Company in the world

Produced by Laurence Maddy and David Hosking. 
Recorded and mixed by Laurence Maddy at Periscope Studios and Kiss Studios (Now known as Sing Sing South). Laurence was assisted by Zar, Karl Moeller and Adam Rhodes (on track 12). 
Mastered by Don Bartley at Studio 301, Sydney. 
Photography by Nick Fox and design by Michael Lelliot.

Released December 6, 1996

Jack's Boy

Produced by David Hosking and Paul Kosky. Recorded and mixed in 10 days at Periscope Studios in Melbourne sometime in 1994.

Engineered and mixed by Paul Kosky. Paul was assisted by Jane Whitford. Mastered by Don Bartley @ studio 301, Sydney. Art by Michael Lelliot.

Released December 1, 1994

SLow runners

Partly recorded late 1991 at Periscope Studios, Melbourne, then completed mid 1992 at Platinum Studios (now Sing Sing South) Melbourne. Recorded and mixed by Paul Kosky, Kalju Tonuma and Laurence Maddy. Mastered by Don Bartley at Studio 301, Sydney. Art by Michael Lelliot and Tasia Stribakos.

David Hosking: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Piano and Vocals. Niko Schauble: Drums. Tony Paye: Acoustic and Electric Bass, Cello. Steve Kinrade: French Horn. Steve Hope: Hammond Organ and Piano. Laurence Maddy: Keyboards and other sounds. Chris Wilson: Harmonica. All Songs Copyright David Hosking 1992.

Released July 1, 1992